ERC-3643's History

Discover the journey of ERC-3643: from inception to achieving 'Final' status. Explore its significance in revolutionizing tokenization and fostering interoperability. Join us as we navigate the evolution of token standards and their impact on real-world asset tokenization.
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The ERC-3643, initially named T-REX Protocol, was created and developed by Tokeny, to address the needs of enforcing compliance via digital identity and verifiable credentials. Unlike permissionless ERC-20 tokens, tokenized securities must be permissioned and controllable. The token standard was designed to meet the needs while being compatible with any ERC-20 applications.

EIP Submission

The Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) process is vital, allowing for proposing and implementing upgrades and standards across the network. Standards like ERC-20 and ERC-721 were established this way. Now, ERC-3643 has successfully followed suit, submitted as an EIP to contribute to Ethereum's ongoing development.


The ERC3643 Association has been initiated, a collaborative effort among industry key players to accelerate global adoption of the ERC3643 token standard for real-world asset tokenization. The goal is to eliminate silos and ensure interoperability across platforms and networks.

EIP Final Status

The ERC-3643 standard reached the 'Final' status in its EIP, a major milestone recognized by the Ethereum community. This acknowledgment reflects our dedication to offering a reliable standard for businesses to launch permissioned tokens, ensuring compliance and efficiency.


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Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

The ERC-3643 is mentioned in the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance report which is recognized as a cornerstone for understanding Ethereum's business applications. The Business Readiness Report delivers key insights.
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Citi Bank

In a PoC, Citi, in collaboration with Wellington Management, ABN AMRO, WisdomTree, Ava Labs, The DTCC, and Tokeny, tested the ERC-3643 and its potential value for innovating private markets through tokenization.
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The ERC-3643 is mentioned as the standard for enforcing compliance in the European Securities and Market Authority's report on the DLT Pilot Regime.
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The ERC-3643 is mentioned as the industry-adopted standard to be used for the technical design of security tokens.
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Polygon & Indian Government

In the section on technological considerations, the ERC-3643 is mentioned as standard which is built specifically for tokenization.
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Authored by 15 Organizations

The most impactful industry-collaborated report on asset tokenization in Luxembourg, mentions the ERC-3643 as industry standard. Crafted by leading players of the ecosystem, including law firms and technology providers.
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Diamonds Arrive on a Blockchain With New Tokenized Fund on Avalanche Network
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ERC-3643 is looking for ways to bring compliance to RWA tokenization.
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Ethereum community adopts ERC-3643 as standard for compliant asset tokenization.
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Deloitte Digital Assets Awards

ERC3643 Association received Initiative of the Year 2024 Award

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