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What is ERC3643?

The Token standard for RWA Tokenization

The ERC3643 protocol is an open-source suite of smart contracts that enables the issuance, management, and transfer of permissioned tokens. Its built-in decentralized identity framework, ONCHAINID, ensures only users meeting pre-defined conditions can become token holders, even on permissionless blockchains.

Real World Assets

Any asset can be tokenized by an issuer owning it legally. It can be done directly or, generally, via the creation of an investment vehicle to respect co-ownership rights and protect owners. Commodities or rare items such as cars, wine or watches may be tokenized.


Securities represent a global market of 100+ trillions of dollars. Funds, Equities, Bonds, ETFs, Loans: any financial instrument can be tokenized. Compliance rules are specifically important to enforce. Private and public markets may be tokenized.


Instant transfers and programmability are among the main benefits made possible by DLT. From remittance to securities settlement, the applications for tokenized cash are endless. Many blockchain-based payment systems will emerge thanks to permissioned tokens and cost-efficient networks.

Loyalty Programs

Permissioned tokens allow brands and companies to issue and manage digital loyalty programs that remain under their control. Rules for creation, redemption, and transfers can be coded and updated at anytime. With much more features and capabilities than NFTs, they enable long-term loyalty programs strategies.

How it works

Permissioned tokens + digital identity

The transfer of ERC3643 tokens can only be triggered when both the investor rules (via ONCHAINID) and offering rules are fulfilled, ensuring compliance at the smart contract level.

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